This is England

The modern world is about globalization. Globalization means immigration. Immigration brings controversial thoughts, and controversial thoughts need controversial songs. You only realize what nationalism and xenophobia are really about when you leave your country and put yourself in the shoes of the foreigner. The one with an accent. The one with bacterias. The one who wants to take your land and rape your girls. But don't worry too much: despite the mass arrival of migrants from eastern Europa, the british flag still flies pretty high in the sky. It's just that the sky looks a bit more threatening each day, and the storm should break soon enough.

This is England, and that for sure is our country
This is England, so make sure you spell it properly
This is England, you may call it wild and ugly
This is England, but we'll never give it for free

This is England, hey mate, what's wrong with you?
This is England, three quids will not let you go through

I know you sort of think that we should make some space
There are so many jerks around, mate, we don't own the place
They drink around and mess around, i wish some would just die around
So let's make sure we always find them a spare room underground

This is England, and that for sure is our country
This is England, we like it with rice and curry
This is England, where do all these people come from?
This is England, all the roads must lead to London

The indian tribe in Leicester makes it look like a yank' western
Brighton, Sheffield, Manchester, which city should be first to burn?
This store in town sells winchesters, let's find some crooks and shoot at sight
I love my land, this is my pride, let's get the job done overnight